Global Warming.

Current scientific research concludes that increasing levels of C02 levels in our atmosphere are responsible for the changing weather patterns. It is therefore logical to conclude that we should be reducing the levels of C02 rather than just slowing down the increase. However, this is not going to happen as there are only a handful of people who are serious about reducing C02 levels and there is not a politician in the world with the political will and gumption to take the necessary steps to reverse global warming. As I travel across the globe and see the tens of thousands of flights leaving over-crowded airports, the millions of cars on roads with insufficient capacity, the millions of mopeds being replaced with cars and just the vast, appalling waste of basic resources, I wonder why we are even bothering to talk about reduction in emissions. If we are to be serious about reducing C02, then we need to be self-less. We need to stop building airports. We need to stop importing food from across the globe. We need to stop making more and more cars. Economies need to shrink and the world population needs to stop growing. But none of those things will happen as we are all too selfish. We do not think of the future and politicians tinker and talk and achieve precious little. Speed limits on motorways? Much safer and keeps traffic flowing but the increase in the number of cars on the roads each day must surely undo any reduced emissions? However, I am proud to be doing my bit as no man makes a greater mistake than he does nothing because he thinks he can only do a little. If we all have less expectations and take responsibility for our own actions then we might collectively achieve something.

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